We are fully aware of the need for housing targets to be met and that Halton will need to take its
share of this. There are currently a minimum of 1000 new dwellings planned for the site. We are
keen to embrace this need but to ensure that any development is planned with a neighbourhood in

Halton Parish Council is supportive of this approach as they too can see the benefit of creating a
community that adds value to Halton Village and all surrounding residents. We envisage green
spaces, local amenities, community facilities. We support fresh thinking in terms of design including
the idea of self-build and the smart use of space; future proofing in terms of energy and transport;
consideration of all generations, their needs and how they can be brought together.
There is no need to simply build estates that are deserted during the day but rather create a living
and breathing community that draws people to the area to live, work, play and contribute.