Heritage and Countryside

With ownership of Halton passing from the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 11 th Century, via Sir
Francs Dashwood, The Rothschilds and The Royal Flying Corp to the RAF 100 years ago, Halton
certainly has a story to tell. The contribution the RAF Halton Cadets and engineers have given to the
Nation has been far reaching and tremendously important. Such history should be preserved and
Halton’s story told to children, local residents and visitors from far and wide.

We are talking to local Museums, historical and RAF societies to support the creation of a centre that
brings this story together, brings it alive and educates generations to come.

Halton not only bathes in such rich historical importance but also sits within an area of rare beauty.
With woods, green spaces, historic buildings and waterways all within the wider expanse on the
Chilterns, this is a space whose development should reflect and maximise such exceptional natural

We support plans that open up spaces, increase accessibility and usage of the natural environment,
whilst protecting it, and design